Proper Positioning of Body Worn Camera

Proper Positioning of Body Worn Cameras using the “Bridge”

This video depicts the proper positioning of a body worn camera, to obtain video from UNDER THE EXTENDED ARMS while in the firing position. The proper positioning of the camera prevents the normal firearm recoil (which is upward) from obstructing the camera’s view should the officer have to fire his weapon.

Although this specific video was obtained by another Body Worn Camera, the importance of a stable camera platform and the consistency of view, which is provided by the “Bridge”, is fully evident. The importance of retaining a stable platform for the body worn camera, in rigorous field situations, cannot be over-stressed.

BODY CAM VIDEO: Glendale officer shoots knife-wielding man on I-75
Video Courtesy of: | 9 On Your Side

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  1. Carl says:

    I like the camera and so far it is on the top of my short list.

    If the officers behavior served as the basis for hiring I would not put him in shopping mall armed with pepper spray. Uncontrollable adrenaline junkies should not be hired to do police work!

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